Villa Camarella and Villa Timberina are jewels associated with the island of Capri and Its history through the personalities who have stayed there.

Villa Camarella and Villa Timberina are gems of the island of Capri. The view is stunning and sweeps from the Tirrenean Sea to the Gulf of Naples and from Monte Solano to Villa Jovis.From this Villa, which dates back to the Forties, you can both appreciate ancient history by admiring Villa Jovis, from which Emperor Tiberio ruled the Roman Empire for over 10 years and you can imagine the more recent history when directors and actors used to gather to look for inspiration for a script concerning another film directed by Mr Bragaglia, one of the first Italian directors.Emperors, statesmen, poets, writers and actors from all over the world have walked along the paths which lead to the Villa.In Capri, the writer Gorkij hosted Lenin twice before he started off the October Revolution, and several Russian princesses took up their residence on the island after the revolution.In Capri Lenin met the Krupp family who used to host the German military leaders on holiday.

“Capri is something that God and nature created with a far higher potentiality for imagination, idiosyncrasy and whimsy than man’s. For this reason, this island will always be regarded as an example of God’s genius. Incomparable” Bragaglia stated as he fell in love with the island during his first visit while on leave from military service. The director was a firm friend of Marinetti’s, a very well-known futurist, whose concept of art is strictly bound up with the island.The spur for the building of the villa came from Curzio Malaparte, who was an important journalist and writer of that period.The personal connections that Malaparte had (Galeazzo Ciano above all) helped to overcome the sanctions which had been imposed in Italy before the war and made it possible to find the building material. Malaparte gave his friend director a table he used as a desk for his writings and this is still present in the villa.The director, helped by the architects Mazzocca and Talamona managed to build the villa focusing on the breathtaking view you can have from the promontory. During the planning, the location of the windows came before the masonry. That’s why from almost every room you can admire the sea and Tiberio villa. Only since 1946, after the war, the villa has been regularly lived in and has achieved now the height of his splendour. Every “host” has been able to treasure the inheritance left by the previous owner and has successfully managed to improve more and more the beauty of the Villa leaving untouched its main characteristics.

Modernity is ensured by solar panels, Wi-Fi connection which covers the whole villa and by the new domotics plant. The interior of the Villa bears witness to its history: the marble floors have been perfectly restored, the parquet is original as well as the marble-chip floor tiles in the various rooms. The eighteen century furniture and the ancient Roman amphorae gracefully combine with the warm and summer colours in Capri style present in the villa.The beauty and history of the property are protected by the level green area on which a proper and beautiful botanical garden grows.150 varieties of plants are grouped in small different areas providing an harmonious setting to the villa as well as favouring privacy and a relaxing stay for its host.

This Villa has a unique soul and history, a very well preserved and cherished inheritance to hand on…

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